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Учимся играть в ЛоЛ
« : 08 Марта 2014, 16:44:09 »
В общем решил собирать в одну тему все решения по улучшению своей игры.
Много инфы на инглише, поэтому я буду потихоньку переводить что смогу.

As a season 1 and 2 silver/gold player and a season 3 and 4 diamond player, I've learned some things that really helped me climb the ladder and I want to share them. My mechanics have barely improved since season2 and the main difference to my gameplay has been my ability to stop throwing.
Here's my top 10 ways to stop throwing, in no particular order. Feel free to comment and add anything I might have missed.
1 Learn to get carried - I used to think if I lost my lane, my team would lose the game, because I'm clearly the best player on the team. If I fell behind, or lost the first kill, I would try to outplay my lane opponent to come back, 9/10 times I would die again and fall further behind and continue to feed blaming my jungler for not ganking.
SOLUTION - I now turtle in my lane. If I died 1v1 to the enemy laner. I just farm passively. If he freezes lane and I can't farm, I go farm jungle. I stop my feeding and hope my team can carry me out of lane phase. I will leave the lane at worst 0-1 and still be able to contribute in team fights. This prevents my opponent from being able to 1shot all my teammates.
2 The Baron throw - I used to think if we're ahead, we should take the most important objective, which is baron. We can fight them 5v5 while taking baron no problem. Then we end up getting outsmited, or half of us are fighting baron while half of us are fighting the enemy team, or we just get bursted down after getting baron.
SOLUTION - There is never a good reason to risk baron if the enemy team has more than 3 alive. Or if their jungler is alive. If you have the lead, you should take a turret/inhibitor instead. If you believe you're strong enough to take baron while 5v5ing the enemy team, you're definitely strong enough to take an inhib turret 5v5.
3 The Hubris Turret Dive - I used to think, if I'm a 5-0 renekton and I'm super tanky and ahead, then my team can easily turret dive. I see that squishy adc, I'm gonna kill that mofo underneath his turret no problem. I dive him, there's miscommunication, my team doesn't follow, and I die. Then my team gets chased down 5v4 and we get aced. They get baron and take inhib turret and even though we're ahead 25-15 in kills. We lose the game.
SOLUTION - Learn to zone the enemy team away from turret so your team can take it. Sometimes when you're a fed assassin or bruiser, all it takes is your presence to scare their team away and give your team a free objective. Rather than dive, just flex your alligator muscles and give the enemy team a reason to back off that outter turret so that your team can take it for free.
4 The Inhibitor throw - I used to think, if I don't make a play, we're going to lose. They're pushing our inhibitor if we don't stop them it's game over. So I engage 3v5 to stop the inhibitor from dying. I die. My teammate dies. And they take inhibitor anyways. Now it's still 5v3 and they take my nexus turrets and kill another two teammates. We respawn and desperately try to defend nexus, but again, it's still 3v5 because two people died trying to defend nexus turrets.
SOLUTION - losing an inhibitor is not the end of the world (game). It's smarter to wait for your teammates to respawn and fight full strength 5v5. Let the inhibitor go, it too will respawn in four minutes. The only thing you should die defending is your nexus and maybe your nexus turrets.
5 If I can't see them, they can't see me - I used to think if they were just top, it's safe for me to keep pushing and steal this enemy red buff. OMG there were three of them in this bush and they killed me. Now my team tries to contest baron 4v5 and they get aced and we lose the game.
SOLUTION - We are not three year olds. If you can't see the enemy, it does not mean they are not there. Always assume they could be hiding in that bush you're walking towards. If you can't drop a Caitlyn trap to check or throw a Ziggs satchel to check, back the F off. Those 2 minions are not worth dying and losing the game for. Unless you can see for sure they're somewhere else on the map.
6 The Numba One Duelist - I used to think when I was ahead and I could 1v1 anyone that the enemy was so stupid for walking in to lane to fight me. Wow this Caitlyn is so stupid. I'm 3-0 vayne with bork, she's trying to 1v1 me. We fight. Leona ults me and cc locks me. I die. My advantage has shrunk a little as Caitlyn now has shutdown gold and takes my turret.
SOLUTION - Give your enemies credit. They are at the same elo as you, so assume they are as intelligent as you are. If you know you can 1v1, they probably know that you can 1v1 them, so they won't 1v1 you. If they are engaging, Leona is probably sitting in that unwarded bush waiting to totally bone you.
7 The IDGAF Attitude - I used to think I could carry the game with or without my teammates liking me. So I didn't really care if they got pissed. I was good enough I could just carry the game by myself. So I would trash talk or point out their mistakes to "help them improve".
SOLUTION - Realize this is a team game. It takes five people to win. A positive attitude can go a long way. Commenting on others mistakes only makes them play worse, do you really think they don't know they shouldn't have face checked that bush? Also if someone on your team is raging, don't talk back. Maybe he's having a bad day. Maybe his last three games ended because his teammates dc'd. Maybe he's just a legit douchebag. Either way, mute him and play. He's distracting you.
8 Mid or Feed Pro - I used to think I was faker. That I'm so good at mid, my role, that I can carry the game if I'm mid. So I would force my role and take mid, and force the other guy to play support. I win my lane 1-0 but bot feeds 0-6. I fucking knew it. I knew that kid was bad, we lost the game but good thing I didn't give him mid.
SOLUTION - If you're good at multiple roles, be willing to fill them. Just cause someone sucks at support, doesn't mean they suck at mid. Knowing matchups is half the battle, and forcing someone to go to a lane they're unfamiliar with could cause them to feed. Learn as many roles as possible and be willing to fill the roles you're proficient with. If there are two mid mains, the person who's better at support should fill. Because chances are the person who's better at mid isn't that much better, but one of you could seriously suck at support.
9 The Doublelift King - I used to think man I'm owning. We got this game. I just need to finish this one last item. I would ping my team to back so I could farm an extra 10 cs. I would keep farming until I'm 6 items. Then fight and take objectives. Somehow, the enemy team has caught up, and I get focused during the fight and we lose the game. How did we lose when we were ahead on kills?
SOLUTION - Objectives win games. Not creep score. Not kills. Objectives. Just because you can finish your IE in 1200 gold, does not mean you should avoid objectives until you get it. If you have a lead, group and take objectives so you can push your advantage. The longer the game goes, the less impact a 5,000 gold advantage actually matters.
10 Championselect.net Prophet - I used to think counter picks were the only thing that mattered. It doesn't matter if I'm unfamiliar with the champion. It doesn't matter if it doesn't fit my team comp. Championselect.net said ryze counters ahri, so I'm going to first time ryze in ranked. I proceed to feed my lane, and become useless and lose team fights because the rest of my team is a poke comp.
SOLUTION - Play who you are comfortable with and let your teammates play who they're comfortable with. Counter picks don't mean anything if the player is not proficient with that champion. Telling someone to go Leona because she's op or good for the comp doesn't mean she'll do well as Leona, e.g. Timing her skills to give the adc time to proc her passive. You should play who you KNOW how to play and let your teammates do the same.